What Are the Benefits of a Desiccant Breather?

As various types of equipment and machinery “breathe,” they draw in various types of contaminants, including dust, dirt, and moisture. Due to the contamination of water and oil in machinery, issues such as the depletion of additives, oil oxidation, corrosion, and rust can occur over time, reducing the service life of your equipment. A desiccant breather installed on equipment filters out debris and moisture, preventing the entrance of contamination and extending the service life of machines. Typical application categories are mining equipment, farm equipment, construction vehicles, paper mills, or any other industrial application. At TTI, our PowerBreather™️ desiccant breather has a three-stage design that is made to protect your equipment over time.

Various benefits of using a desiccant breather include:

Prevent Damage Caused by Contaminated Substances

Desiccant breathers prevent contaminants from entering into a piece of machinery and causing various conditions that lead to damage. These include the loss of dielectric properties, change of active properties, greater corrosivity, chemical instability, coagulation and sedimentation, and variation in viscosity. Equipment contamination, especially contamination from dirt, can cause serious damage, and result in unplanned downtime, and production downtime can be costly.

Ensures Only One System Needed to Mitigate Moisture and Contaminants

Desiccant breathers mitigate contaminants and moisture, and also provide pressure relief. By using this technology, you eliminate the need to use two separate systems to mitigate these issues. The silica gel desiccant ensures water vapor in the air is quickly adsorbed as it enters an enclosed space.

There are various desiccant breathers available designed to meet the needs of different applications based on varying flow rates, levels of moisture, and operating environments. These units are designed to achieve various levels of cleanliness and service life.

Save Costs on Replacing Gears and Bearings

Since contamination causes mechanical wear, and a large percentage of failures in machines and bearings, the relatively low cost of installing a desiccant breather saves on the much greater cost of replacing gears, bearings, and even equipment. This technology is an ideal solution to save you money in the long run, especially in extreme environment applications.

Easy Maintenance

Maintenance personnel can perform visual inspections of desiccant breathers without shutting down the equipment and determine if it is time to change the desiccant breather. The silica gel changes color when it needs to be replaced, giving you an easy-to-understand visual indication of when you need to change it. Changing it out when needed will reduce the negative effects of harmful moisture and extend the life expectancy of your equipment!

High ROI

The return on investment is high since the avoidance of equipment failures associated with contamination through the installation of a desiccant breather is much less expensive than the costs of shutting down equipment to fix a larger problem. Working in humid environments and dry environments alike, abrasive particles and high moisture levels can threaten the life of your equipment and cause costly repairs. Utilizing TTI’s Powerbreather™️ can dramatically reduce machinery loss and the frequency of downtime!

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