PowerGuardTM Elements

PowerGuard Filtration Element Offering
TT06, TT16, and TT33 Series Filter Elements
TT75S Spin-On Filter Elements
TT170 Series
TT210, TT310, TT610 Series Filter Elements Replacing Pall UE Line
TT06R, TT16R, TT33R, TT66R, TT95R Series Return Line Filter Elements Replacing Hydac Return Line Elements
TT8314 Series Filter Element Replacing Pall Filter Elements
TTDEL Dispersal Element Replacing Hypro DEL Series Dispersal Element
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Our Product Line History

TTI’s PowerGuard™ Filter Element line is produced in our Northglenn, Colorado facility and leverages over 58 years of FG Industrial Filtration (formerly Mahle) expertise. TTI’s proprietary, German manufactured, Dual Phase Microglass media provides world-class filtration performance that is demanded by critical applications. The Dual Phase technology provides Beta 1000 efficiencies with a built-in pre-filter layer to extend filter life and reduce initial pressure drops.

The use of filter elements is essential in order to achieve effective contaminant removal efficiency. External pressure is applied to remove dirt, dust, fine particles and other debris from liquids or gasses that pass through them.

TTI’s different types of elements are made to be direct upgrades to manufacturers such as Hydac®, Parker®, Pall® UE Line, Hy-Pro®, and many more. High pressure hydraulic filters are designed to handle high differential pressure, while still allowing for high flow rate and extended service life. Check out our easy to use cross reference tool, to find the right TTI filter element for your application. Simply type in your current part number and instantly see TTI’s PowerGuard™ filter element.

Don’t see what you are looking for? Then reach out to us to see how we can help. Our team of experienced professionals is here to guide you in the selection of TTI PowerGuard™ elements that meet the demands of your industrial applications or labor intensive projects.

Benefits Of Our Dual Phase Media Over Conventional Single Phase Media:

  • Beta 1000 efficiencies in 1μm, 3μm, 6μm, 10μm and 25μm microns
  • Graded density creates a “built-in” pre-filter layer for every cartridge
  • Reduced pressure drop and increased dirt holding capacity over conventional Single Phase materials

Cross Reference Tool

TTI’s cross reference tool helps you identify a suitable TTI product by entering a competitor part number. If you have a product number, we can connect you with the right part. If not, just contact us, and we can still help.

Filter Media Selection

Filter media is the most critical component through which particulate retention is accomplished. For all of the fluids and applications, TTI has developed and offers a range of filtration media that is available for use throughout all of our different types of elements.

Contact Us for PowerGuard™ Elements

TTI is a customer-focused organization with a background in designing, manufacturing, and delivering technology-driven products. TTI’s PowerGuard™ Elements have improved element life over competitors, as well as high ratings under stress conditions.

For more information about how PowerGuard™ elements, Pall UE, hydac return line and hydac high pressure filter we offer at TTI show improved equipment performance, call us today at 303-585-0132 or leave us a message through our contact form.