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At TTI – Todd Technologies Inc, we are your source for state-of-the-art desiccant breather and hydraulic and lubrication filtration products that many industries around the world require, including energy, general industrial equipment, manufacturing, and hydraulics. Our total system cleanliness solutions reduce wear on your equipment, lower your operating costs, reduce unplanned downtime, and extend the life of machines.

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Hydraulic Equipment and Systems

Hydraulic systems that utilize tanks, fluid reservoirs, and many other system components rely on desiccant breathers, high-pressure filters, and other product solutions offered by TTI. Harmful moisture removal is a critical step in maintaining and extending the service life of hydraulic fluids. While exposed to a number of extreme process conditions, TTI’s proven technologies, having added moisture removal capacity, excel at removing excess moisture in hydraulic fluids used in key process equipment, therefore reducing unplanned downtime.

Power Generation

Power Generation

Power generation operations like coal-fired power plants are an integral component of the power grid, providing energy to residents, businesses, and manufacturers everywhere. It is absolutely critical for these operations to shut down only for scheduled maintenance. These systems and their equipment must perform continuously. Gearboxes in these systems contain lubricants that help keep this equipment running efficiently and TTI’s gearbox breather helps improve lubricant purity while extending equipment service life.

General Industrial

Manufacturing industries such as petrochemical, refineries, steel & aluminum, mining, and pulp & paper are all pivotal sectors for providing key products around the globe. Like many other key industries that TTI supports, maintaining smooth operations is crucial. TTI’s product portfolio helps these key sectors and manufacturers avoid unnecessary or unexpected shutdowns by playing an integral role in keeping process equipment in operation.

Even more challenging is maintaining operational efficiency in a multitude of harsh environments and varying humidity levels. TTI’s robust products have proven to stand up against extreme temperatures, extended hours of operation, constant movements or vibrations, high moisture/humidity, dust, dirt contamination, and other particulate contamination, all while helping improve operational efficiencies and avoid a wide range of costly repairs.

General Industrial
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About Us

TTI – Todd Technologies is a customer focused organization that designs, manufactures and delivers technology driven products to improve our customer’s processes. Our team focuses on delivering products that impact your bottom line while respecting the environment, our neighbors and employees. Several members of the TTI team have over 20 years of experience in the filtration industry.

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TTI’s products offer cost-saving benefits, including decreased frequency of downtime and reduced machinery loss. To learn more about our wide variety of quality products, including our three-stage design silica gel desiccant breathers, filter housings, and filtration products we offer, give us a call today at 303-585-0132 or complete our contact form.


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