Next Level Breather Technology

Pick the breather with the greatest efficiency and lifespan

TTI is the best choice in market for breather spend. Controlling maintenance spend is more important now than ever, and TTI delivers superior value to market over leading competitors.

Head-to-head trials have proven that TTI PowerBreathersTM offer on average 20% more life than leading competitors ultimately resulting in lower annual breather spend in both unit and freight cost.

TTI offers its industrial leading Power Gel and Dual Zone Microglass media in several consumable and rebuildable PowerBreather options allowing for customers to choose the best fit for their application.

With TTI breathers lasting an average of 20% longer over the competition, customers save not only on yearly breather spend, but also on the cost of maintenance.

Our time is important, and with TTI breathers, plant maintenance professionals will save significant annual time in breather change-out and upkeep.