PowerGuard Spin-On Elements

spin on filters

TTI offers a full line of PowerGuard Spin-On Elements to fit TTI filtration systems as well as retrofit filters for existing systems. Options include dual phase microglass and moisture absorbing cartridges in industry-standard configurations. With broad chemical compatibility and covering the full range of operating temperatures, TTI’s offerings are an ideal choice for the harshest filtration applications.

Spin-On filters are used to clean hydraulic fluids and lubricants in pressurized fluid management systems. In-line hydraulic filters are installed on the low-pressure, return line side of a hydraulic system to clean fluid before it returns to the reservoir. Clean hydraulic fluid reduces contaminant buildup, controls operational & maintenance costs, and maximizes the service life of system components. Spin-On canister filter elements have an integrated pleated filter element. When the filter becomes clogged with contamination, the canister is simply un-screwed and replaced with a new element.

Particulate Removal Elements

Model Length Rating
TT-SFS-3 7″ 3 micron
TT-SFS-6 7″ 6 micron
TT-SFS-12 7″ 12 micron
TT-SFS-25 7″ 25 micron
TT-SFL-3 11″ 3 micron
TT-SFL-6 11″ 6 micron
TT-SFL-12 11″ 12 micron
TT-SFL-25 11″ 25 micron

Water Removal Elements

Model Length

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