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Poor filtration in hydraulic systems can cause contamination levels to rise, thus causing reduced equipment life. Fortunately, TTI offers a line of PowerGuard™ Spin-On Elements with advanced features to fit TTI filtration systems as well as retrofit industry-standard systems. Our PowerGuard™ Spin-On Elements come standard with Dual Phase microglass and an option for water removal in a 5” wide industry-standard configuration. TTI’s Dual Phase media provides superior dirt capacity due to having a built-in pre-filter layer. With broad chemical compatibility and covering a broad range of operating temperatures, TTI’s offerings are an ideal choice for the harshest filtration applications and will meet your operating requirements to guarantee a smooth operation

Spin-On Element Hydraulic Filters

TTI’s Spin-On Element design is used to clean hydraulic fluids and lubricants in pressurized fluid management systems. In-line hydraulic filters are installed on the low-pressure, return line side of a hydraulic system to clean fluid before it returns to the reservoir. Clean hydraulic fluid reduces contaminant buildup, controls operational & maintenance costs, and maximizes the service life of system components. Spin-On filter elements have an integrated pleated filter element. When the spin-on, hydraulic return line filter becomes clogged with particle contamination, the element is simply unscrewed and replaced with a new element, an integral component of the spin-on element design.

Product Breakdown

Dual Phase Filtration

Delivers superior filtration efficiency and dirt capacity with a low-pressure drop.

Close up image of TTI's Dual Phase Microglass Media. Including arrows that highlight both the pre-filter phase and final retentive phase. The pre-filter phase provides high dirt holding capacity for capturing larger particulates in fluids, extending the life of the filter element. The final retentive phase has fine denier fibers that provide high efficiency polishing to remove the finest particulates.


  • Dual Phase Microglass filtration media provides superior retention efficiency, contaminant capacity, chemical compatibility with low pressure drop.
  • Steel wire support layering maximizes structural strength and provides optimal flow drainage.
  • Maximum working pressure of 200 psi.
  • Rugged 100 PSID collapse strength.
  • Buna seals standard.
  • 1.5″-16UN mounting thread.
  • Media is potted and seamed with high-performance epoxy for superior element integrity.
  • Available in industry-standard micron ratings and in a water-absorbing grade.
TTI PNMicron Rating β1000Seal Type
TT75S-81B = Buna
3V = Viton (0.17″ Wide)
Part Number Example: TT75S-8-3V = TT75S (8 length, 3 micron, viton seal type). *CWA = Water Absorptive

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Even in the most extreme operating environments, TTI’s Spin-On filter elements will offer superior protection, prevent abrasive particle contamination, and ensure effective long-term performance through a full range of temperature fluctuations. To learn more about how the Spin-On filter elements meet your performance specifications, as well as the wide range of solutions and wide product range we have at TTI for your application requirements, give us a call today at 303-585-0132 or send us a message through our contact form.