About Us

TTI is a customer-focused organization that designs, manufactures and delivers technology-driven products to improve our customers’ processes. Our team focuses on delivering products that impact your bottom line while respecting the environment, our neighbors and employees. Several members of the TTI team have over 30 years of experience in the filtration industry. TTI’s team has delivered world-class Breather, Filtration, and Elastomeric products to customers around the Globe in the following industries: Energy, Food & Beverage, Hydraulics, Pharmaceutical and General Industrial.

President’s Message

At TTI, we care about improving your efficiency and positively impacting your bottom line. Our products will help keep your processes running seamlessly. We currently offer industry-leading Breather, Filtration, and Elastomeric products. As a full-service provider, we also have the ability to design a custom solution for your application. We welcome you to experience the World-Class Service provided by all of us at TTI. As TTI’s President, I will make you a promise that our products and services will live up to your expectations. If not, please contact me directly and we’ll make it right. I appreciate your interest in the TTI product offering!