Protect your industrial systems from moisture and particulate intrusion with world-class desiccant breathers that extend equipment life and lower maintenance costs. All TTI PowerBreather desiccant breathers are produced using DuoGlass media, providing a significant performance upgrade over competing products.


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PowerBreather™ Desiccant Breathers

TTI offers a wide array of PowerBreathe desiccant breather options to meet the needs of your industrial applications, regardless of operating environment. Below we explain some of the design features of our PowerBreathe desiccant breathers applicable for a variety of industries.


This PowerBreather™ unit offers a significant advancement over OEM breathers on equipment or dust caps. As polluted air flows into the top of the unit, it travels through layered desiccant filter media that blocks the entrance of solid particles and oil mist into the breather. This particulate contamination could cause accelerated wear on various equipment surfaces. The bed of PowerGel silica gel in this PowerBreather removes harmful moisture from the air and also keeps industrial equipment dry by drawing moisture during shut-down or service from the inside of the equipment reservoir for maximum absorption capacity.

Titan PowerBreather™

The Titan PowerBreather is the ideal desiccant breather solution for mobile equipment and high vibration applications, delivering a unique combination of increased flow capabilities, oil misting protection, and greater desiccant volume compared to standard offerings.

Our flagship Titan SmartFlow offers the highest net value on the market, combining increased service life in high humidity environments as well as added protection from oil misting conditions. They are provided with the following options: SmartFlow™ technology, standard intake check-valve technology, and a no-check valve option for applications involving extreme air flow.

TitanBlock PowerBreather™

These are retro-fit cartridges designed for use with Air Sentry® Guardian® Breathers. The performance of these breathers is enhanced through the use of premier quality Power Gel combined with Dual Phase microglass 1-micron absolute media.

Rebuildable Stainless Steel PowerBreather™

This stainless steel rebuildable PowerBreather™ protects equipment and lubricants from the intrusion of airborne moisture and particulates. It also extends the service life and service cycles of equipment operating in high-flow applications. The TTI Rebuildable hydraulic breather is capable of removing moisture and particulates in excessive humidity and high-flow environments.

During operation, the PowerBreather™ removes particulates and moisture from entering the system. Upon shutdown, the silica gel of the unit draws in moisture through an active system drying process.

Adapter Kits

We also offer a wide variety of PowerBreather™ adapter kits consisting of quick-connect fittings that provide easy connection for filling or testing hydraulic fluid and lubricants. They also include return and suction line capabilities. These fuel tank breather adapters help prevent the intrusion of moisture, dirt, foreign materials, and other crucial contaminants to totes, drums, gearboxes, and hydraulic tank applications.

If you are in the market for high-quality hydraulic tank breathers to be used on your hydraulic lubricant, or fuel reservoir, let us know.

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