TT300P: High Flow Mining Filter

TTI understands the unique challenges of the mining industry. We manufacture filter elements that exceed industry standards to ensure maximum fluid cleanliness and smooth operating conditions.

What Makes the TT300P the Ideal Choice for Rock Crushing Applications?

Proper filtration is crucial to removing the contaminants that reduce the life and functionality of your oils, such as the ISO grade 150 transmission oil in rock crushing systems. Clean transmission oil is crucial for lubricating bushings and cooling the entire system. Transmission oil operating temperature must be maintained between 100°F – 130°F.

Bag filtration, commonly rated for 50 micron nominal, has traditionally been used with cone crushing lubrication equipment. However, studies have proven that high flow filter elements are a better choice. Rated as low as 10 micron absolute with inside to outside flow, they are far more effective and efficient at removing contaminants while retaining essential EP additives.

Key Performance Features

  • High Efficiency Retention of Particulate
  • Inside to Outside Flow Path for Full Capture of Contaminant
  • Special Top to Provide Intact Seal in Existing Vessels with No Bypass n Pull Ring for Easier Removal from Vessel
  • 160°F (71°C) maximum operating temperature

Part Number Cross References:

Metso: MM0297258
Parker: PLP300-MG-24
Hy-Pro: HPQ340083L25-25MB

Importance of Proper Filtration in the Mining Industry

Quality filter elements are essential to preserving the ISO grade of transmission oil used in cone crushers, rock crushing, and general mining equipment. Without proper filtration, lubricating oil systems are subjected to extreme operating conditions that can cause rampant contamination and machine failure.

Exceptional Filtration Efficiency: TTI’s proprietary DuoGlass media combined with cutting-edge production methods allow PowerGuard filters to capture even the smallest particles, safeguarding your machinery against the detrimental effects of contamination.

Extended Equipment Life: By preventing the ingress of harmful contaminants, PowerGuard filters prolong the service life of your machines and save you from costly repairs or replacements.

Customized Solutions: TTI understands that every plant and industrial facility is unique. That’s why we offer over 40,000 crosses of PowerGuard filters tailored to suit diverse applications, ensuring a perfect fit for your specific needs.

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