Coal Powered

Todd Technologies Inc (TTI) offers cutting-edge desiccant breather and hydraulic and lubrication filtration technologies to a wide range of global industries, including the coal powered power generation sector. Discover how our advanced filtration solutions benefit this industry below.

How the Coal-Powered Power Generation Industry Works

The equipment and machinery involved in coal powered power generation plants relies on the ability to control and maintain steam generated from burning coal and directing it into a spinning turbine in order to produce electricity. The steam is then cooled, condensed back into water, and returned to the boiler so that the process can be repeated. If any of this process is disrupted, electricity is not produced. Contaminants such as fly-ash, oil, dirt, or debris can work their way into equipment and systems, causing damage and unexpected downtime.

How TTI Aids This Industry

Our hydraulic and lubrication filters, as well as desiccant breathers enable coal powered plants to produce electricity and run reliably without the worry of unexpected downtime and costly repairs.

TTI’s PowerBreather™ desiccant breathers are multi-tiered devices that are installed on systems and equipment so that it can “breathe”; and are used to prevent external contaminants such as moisture, dirt, and airborne debris from entering reservoirs, gearboxes, totes, and drums around the plant. They play a crucial role in maintaining the performance of coal powered plants by keeping the interior of the equipment and systems clean down to 1-micron absolute with the use of our proprietary, German manufactured, Dual Phase Microglass Media; and dry with the use of our best-in-class silica gel.

Our PowerGuard™ hydraulic and lubrication filters, remove the contaminants from within coal powered plant’s systems and equipment with Beta 1000 efficiency, and include media add-on offerings such as water absorptive media, static dissipative media, as well as TTI’s patented SmartFlow™ media technology.

TTI’s product offering is manufactured in our Northglenn, Colorado location, we ship most products in a matter of days and our quality and performance is top-tier. Contact us for more product details and to learn how our wide range of technically-advanced products, including our desiccant breathers and hydraulic and lubrication filters, can protect your system.