Rebuildable Stainless Steel PowerBreatherTM

stainless rebuildable breather

Protects lubricants and equipment from moisture and particulate intrusion. Extends service cycles and equipment life in high-flow applications.

The TTI Rebuildable PowerBreather offers the ability to remove both particulate and moisture in high-flow and extreme humidity environments.

While in service, the PowerBreather eliminates moisture and particulate intrusion into the system. During shutdown, the PowerBreather silica gel attracts moisture by actively drying the system.

Product Breakdown

1. Pleated Filter Cartridge

Pleated microglass filter cartridge captures airborne contaminants to 1-micron absolute.

2. Desiccant

PowerBreatherTM silica gel strips moisture from incoming air.

3. Sight Glass Indicator

Silica gel changes color from blue to pink when the unit requires rebuilding.

4. Air Vents

Removable stickers keep breather inactive until installation.

5. Integrated Standpipie

Open-flow construction provides negligible resistance to air flow and allows oil mist to coalesce and drain back into the reservoir.

6. Foam Pad

Polymeric foam filter pad captures large particulate, attracts and absorbs oil, and disperses incoming air evenly across the filter cartridge and desiccant media.

7. Easy to Replace Desiccant Bag

Polypropylene bag has handles for easy removal.

8. Rugged Housing

Robust 304 SS construction eliminates chance of corrosion in high humidity environments.

Diagram of TTI's Rebuildable PowerBreather Desiccant Breather.
Image of TTI's 1-micron absolute air filter found inside of TTI's rebuildable PowerBreather desiccant breathers.
Image of desiccant bag found in TTI's rebuildable PowerBreather desiccant breather.
Image of TTI's Rebuildable PowerBreather Desiccant Breather.



304 Stainless Steel

Moisture Absorbing Media:

PowerBreatherTM Silica Gel

Filter Media:

Microglass, Polyurethane




  • 304 stainless steel housing
  • Easy to replace desiccant bags remove moisture from incoming air
  • Pleated filter removes particles to 1-micron absolute
  • Eliminates rust forming condensation
  • Prevents water contaminated fluid and sludge deposits
  • Reduces wear and tear on equipment prolonging life

Dimensions & Specifications

Dry Weight
of Desiccant
Absorp. Capacity
Max Air Flow RateOper. Temp.Conn.
29.2 cm
25.7 cm
16 lbs
7.26 kg
3 lbs
1.36 kg
0.14 gal
0.54 L
85 cfm
@ 0.5 PSID
34.9 cm
25.7 cm
20 lbs
9.07 kg
5 lbs
2.27 kg
0.24 gal
0.9 L
85 cfm
@ 0.5 PSID
45.4 cm
25.7 cm
27 lbs
12.25 kg
9 lbs
4.08 kg
0.43 gal
1.62 L
80 cfm
@ 0.5 PSID
48.9 cm
39.4 cm
49 lbs
22.23 kg
15 lbs
6.80 kg
0.71 gal
2.7 L
205 cfm
@ 0.5 PSID
57.1 cm
39.4 cm
64 lbs
29.03 kg
25 lbs
11.34 kg
1.19 gal
4.5 L
140 cfm
@ 0.5 PSID
79.4 cm
39.4 cm
100 lbs
45.36 kg
50 lbs
22.68 kg
2.38 gal
9 L
115 cfm
@ 0.5 PSID
101 cm
39.4 cm
144 lbs
65.32 kg
75 lbs
34.02 kg
3.57 gal
13.5 L
80 cfm
@ 0.5 PSID
All models are available in EU with orange gel and follow the same dimensions. EU codes are the following: TTE-RS-3, TTE-RS-5, TTE-RS-9, TTE-RS-15, TTE-RS-25, TTE-RS-50, TTE-RS-75

Rebuild Parts & Accessories

(TTI Rebuild Kits can be used in DES-CASE Rebuildable Units)

TT-RS-*-RKRebuildable Stainless Steel Breather Kits
TT-RS-*-F1Rebuildable Stainless Steel Breather Microglass Filter Cartridge
TT-RS-*-D1Rebuildable Stainless Steel Desiccant Bag
TT-RS-*-SG1Rebuildable Stainless Steel Breather Sight Glass
TT-RS-*-P1Rebuildable Stainless Steel Breather Foam Pad Insert
TT-RS-*-G1Rebuildable Stainless Steel Breather Gasket Seals
Note: For part codes containing an (*), substitute the appropriate RS model number. Example: the part code for a rebuildable stainless steel breather kit for the TT-RS-75 would be TT-RS-75-RK.

Breather Sizing Tool

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