TTGA Gearbox Adapter Kit

Maintenance workers throughout a wide variety of industries and operating environments can face challenges when it comes to keeping the gearboxes dry, clean, and in peak operating condition. Machinery loss can be costly, as well as cause a lot of unplanned downtime and result in expensive machinery repair costs. You can maintain your equipment over time with our gearbox adapter kit, even in harsh environments.

Harmful moisture, water vapor, or dusty conditions can really reduce the service life of gearboxes over time. Contamination from dirt can be especially detrimental to several different types of equipment. This is especially relevant in dusty environments. Our Adapter Kits’ design is intended to minimize the potential for system contamination by reducing the number of system intrusions, which promotes optimal system performance and reliability, thus avoiding frequent and costly repairs. Among our various adapter kits, we offer the TTGA Gearbox Adapter Kit which works succinctly with TTI’s gearbox breather line of desiccant breathers.

Features and Benefits

There are many features and benefits to utilizing the TTGA Gearbox Adapter Kit. Quick-connect fittings provide easy connection of a filling or filtration systems to the gearbox. Our desiccant breather for gearboxes, used in lieu of your breather cap, utilizes a solid particle filter and the best desiccants in the business to stop entry of dirt, moisture, and other contamination, while maintaining precise environmental control, pressure, and humidity levels in both high and low temperatures.

Breather life can be an issue with some gearboxes, but the indirect entry into the gearbox that the gearbox adapter creates eliminates oil backflow into the breather, a common challenge with other desiccant breather manufacturers. TTI’s desiccant breathers are some of the longest-lasting breathers on the market, helping you keep moisture and dirt from entering your system.

The TTGA Gearbox Adapter Kit includes:

Below are the components of the TTGA Gearbox Adapter Kit:

  • Gearbox adapter body
  • Fitting, ISO B 3/4” male
  • Fitting, ISO B 1” male
  • Fitting, 3/4” FNPT
  • Vacuum Gauge
  • Fill tube, 2” length
  • Desiccant Breather

Custom options available. Please contact us for details.

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Benefits of Our Adapter Kits

The adapter kits we offer at TTI, including the TTGA Gearbox Adapter Kit, help operators focused on quality outcomes to effectively employ optimal lubrication practices by supplying clean connections with maximum airflow for the required applications.

Our product details are listed below:

  • Desiccant breather connection
  • Drain connection for flow to a filtration system
  • Fill port for return flow from filtration system
  • Vacuum indicator addition
  • Sampling port addition

The single manifold body of our TIGA Gearbox Adapter Kit, keeps potential system intrusions to a minimum, which in turn minimizes the possibility of contaminants entering the system.

Get the TTGA Gearbox Adapter Kit

It’s important to have an efficient process throughout a given maintenance project and avoid production downtime. Get dependable lubricant protection, maintain optimal cleanliness levels, and avoid equipment contamination and machinery repair costs with quality products and technology from TTI’s product family.

Use the TTGA Gearbox Adapter Kit for optimal avoidance of equipment failures and reduced frequency of downtime. For more information about the desiccant breathers we offer with the TTGA Gearbox Adapter Kit, or for quality product recommendations for your particular operation, call our customer service line today at 303-585-0132 or use our contact form to send us a message.