TTI, Pulp and Paper Industry Solutions

The worldwide pulp and paper market size is projected to reach $368 billion by 2027. TTI desiccant breathers, as well as hydraulic and lubrication filter elements are widely used in the pulp and paper industry as they help attain the specific needs of various applications while providing extended service life.

TTI’s Filtration and Desiccant Solutions for Pulp and Paper

Since our company’s inception, TTI has been a leading supplier of hydraulic/lubrication filtration and desiccant breather solutions for pulp and paper mills. Reliable, quality products coupled with a customer-centered focus are reasons why TTI is trusted by each of our customers. TTI’s filtration and desiccant breather solutions help improve process reliability, product quality and reduce operating costs. We pride ourselves in our focus on the customer while striving to deliver superior value in all our serviced industries. With our products, we are offering direct upgrades from brands such as Hydac®, Parker®, Pall®, Hy-Pro®, Des Case®, Air Sentry®, and many more.

Pulp and Paper Target Applications

  • Paper Reeling System
  • Pulp Washer
  • Stoker-Reclaim-Shaker
  • Pressure Diffuser Systems
  • Bale Press
  • Slab Press
  • Unityer
  • Dryers
  • Main Lube Oil Systems
  • Main Hydraulic Oil Systems

The TTI Difference for Pulp and Paper

Traditional OEM filters used throughout the pulp and paper making process are simple, single layer, cellulose or fiberglass filters that offer poor pressure drop ratings and efficiency, as well as low dirt holding capacity. But, with TTI’s proprietary, German manufactured, Dual Phase Microglass filtration media, maintenance professionals throughout the pulp and paper industry are able to meet and maintain their systems complex cleanliness requirements with certainty. TTI works hard designing innovative and efficient filtration solutions. Our solutions optimize the service life of filters, reducing waste to positively impact the environment, while increasing productivity. Consistent, cost-effective and high-quality filters allow you to achieve a consistent, high-quality product while adding to your bottom line.