Water Absorptive Media


Filter Media Add-On

By adding the Water Absorptive media option, TTI’s PowerGuard™ Elements have the ability to remove free and emulsified water,  with the benefits of superior filtration efficiency and dirt holding capacity.

Water Absorptive (WA) Technology

Filter Media Benefits

Filter elements and spin-ons with WA media specified, have reduced water content within systems, resulting in long-term benefits:

  • Increased Uptime
  • Maximized Lubricant Health
  • Extended Life (supporting reliable systems)

Water Holding Capabilities By Element

Moisture content in PPM x Amount of Fluid in Gallons
x 0.000128 = oz of water content

Moisture content in PPM x Amount of Fluid in Liters
x 0.000001 = liters of water content

PowerGuard™ Elements Brochure

Learn more about TTI’s PowerGuard™ Elements by downloading the brochure.