TTI Biodiesel Trial

Customer Profile

An eastern Missouri oilseeds processor separating soybeans into value-add products like high-quality vegetable oil to produce biodiesel fuels and various animal feeds.

Industry: Industrial Manufacturing

Location: Eastern Missouri

Product Used: TTI Power Breather CV (TT-BB-CV)

The Challenge

Oilseed manufacturing is a high cost operation, not only in the cost of starting product, but they also require high energy usage and constant attention to detail to maintain a relatively smooth manufacturing process. Thousands of moving parts require around-the-clock maintenance. Part of the maintenance routine requires technicians to inspect, maintain and preserve the life of hydraulic fluids housed in oil reservoirs that recirculate through transfer pumps and reciprocating equipment.

For their equipment to operate smoothly, these oil reservoirs need to be free of moisture contamination. This is achieved by using ‘breathers’ to allow air flow while trapping free moisture. This facility had been experiencing shorter breather life while using DesCase’s DC-VG-BB series. They wanted to trial a cost-effective replacement, not only to extend operating life in a high moisture environment, but to nearly eliminate moisture re-entry using a breather with check-valve technology.

The Solution

After a review of the oilseed operation and TTI’s product offering with experts at both TTI and Waco Filters, it was determined, based on sizing, that the facility should trial TTI’s TT-BB-CV series.

After the trial stage, TTI’s TT-BB-CV breather provided a 25% longer service life compared to DesCase’s DC-VG-BB breather. By extending service life, TTI helped reduce maintenance costs and process downtime. The price of TTI’s breather technology is also beneficial to manufacturers, marked down significantly less using distribution partner, Waco Filters.

By TTI supplying the oilseed processor the TT-BB-CV breather, the facility was able to implement a more efficient solution at a lower cost all while helping improve operations and maintaining product integrity.

Product Specifications

  • Body Materials
    • ABS, Nylon, Polypropylene, Buna
  • Moisture Absorbing Media
    • Silica Gel
  • Filter Media
    • Polyester, Polyurethane
  • Filter Efficiency
    • 3µm Absolute
  • Operating Temperatures
    • -20°F to 200°F (-29°C to 93°C


  • Gear Boxes
  • Transfer Pumps