Static Dissipative Media


Filter Media Add-On

By adding the Static Dissipative media option, TTI’s PowerGuard™ Elements have the ability to protect against static discharge and dissipate static buildup caused by fluid passing through filter media. 

Static Dissipative elements help prevent static discharge, which are high voltage bolts of electricity. These bolts of electricity can burn holes through filter media, break fluid down, form varnish, and presents a safety hazard. Holes formed in filter media allows bypass, causing fluid to not be filtered leading to contamination. 

Static Dissipative (SD) Technology

Filter Media Benefits

Filter elements with SD media specified, protects and dissipates static buildup, resulting in long-term benefits:

  • Increased Uptime 
  • Maximized Lubricant Cleanliness
  • Maximized Equipment Protection Against Damage

PowerGuard™ Elements Brochure

Learn more about TTI’s PowerGuard™ Elements by downloading the brochure.