Wire Mesh Media

Wire Mesh Media

Wire mesh filtration media is a vital component in numerous hydraulic and lubrication applications, providing efficient and reliable filtration solutions. Constructed with robust stainless steel, this filtration media offers exceptional durability, ensuring long-lasting performance even under challenging conditions. Its high chemical compatibility and resistance to chemical degradation make it suitable for a wide range of fluids, including aggressive chemicals and corrosive substances. One of the notable advantages of wire mesh filtration media is its remarkable dirt holding capacity for larger particle sizes, making it highly effective in removing contaminants and impurities from fluids. With options available in 25-micron, 74-micron, and 149-micron ratings, this versatile filtration media can be tailored to meet specific filtration requirements in various industries

Rugged and Dependable

Wire mesh filter media proves to be ideal in a multitude of applications where specific filtration requirements are essential. It excels in handling thicker fluids that might pose challenges for other types of filters. In situations where the use of microglass media might be too restrictive, wire mesh filtration media offers a practical alternative, ensuring efficient filtration without compromising flow rates. Additionally, its high dirt holding capacity makes it particularly useful as a pre-filter during cold start-ups, effectively capturing larger particles and preventing potential damage to sensitive components. Wire mesh filter media is widely preferred in industries such as steel manufacturing, mining, oil and gas, and fracking, where robust filtration solutions are crucial to maintaining the integrity and performance of hydraulic and lubrication systems in demanding operational environments.

Available in All Shapes and Sizes

TTI is offering our wire mesh filter media in all of our most popular shapes and sizes of filter elements. Use our quick and easy Cross-Reference Tool to find the element you are looking for. With over 33-thousand crosses and growing, we have the filters you need. Can’t find what you are looking for, then reach out to us for help.