Customer Success Story

Steel Manufacturer Cleans Up 7 Months of Contamination in Just 15 Days with TTI PowerGuard Filter Elements

Preventative maintenance initiatives such as proper filtration are critical to organizations looking to deliver higher-quality services and achieve long-term cost savings. By switching to TTI’s PowerGuardTM filter elements, maintenance professionals at a steel manufacturer in the Midwestern United States were able to quickly identify and correct issues with particulate contamination.

Nestled deep in the American Heartland, a renowned steel manufacturing plant faced persistent challenges in maintaining optimal hydraulic system cleanliness for their brand-new blast furnace. The plant heavily relied on their hydraulic filter elements, originally supplied by one of the largest industry manufacturers, to maintain their rigorous standards of an 18/16/13 ISO cleanliness limit.

Unfortunately, after only 7 months of operation, the plant was unable to maintain this optimal level of cleanliness. They were determined to find a solution, and that’s when they reached out to a trusted TTI distributor for help.

After learning more about the steel manufacturer’s systems and application, TTI was able to quickly prescribe and ship our TTK3 Series PowerGuardTM filter elements for immediate use in their plant.

The TTI Solution

The PowerGuardTM filter elements from TTI offered the steel manufacturer the same form and fit as the competition, but with superior efficiency and longer service life at the same micron rating. That upgraded performance stems from how every TTI filter is designed and built using our proprietary, German-engineered, Dual Phase Microglass media.

With the installation of their new PowerGuardTM filter elements, the plant was able to undo 7 months of contamination in just 15 days, taking their ISO codes from 19/17/14 all the way down to 16/14/10.

Since then, the plant has been able to successfully maintain their ideal ISO cleanliness levels and their maintenance professionals couldn’t be happier.

“This is the cleanest this fluid has been since the start of the furnaces!”

– Senior Maintenance Engineer