Anyone who works in certain tough conditions that are less than perfect understands how lubricant contamination can be a problem for equipment. Contaminants can deteriorate the lubricant and also cause damage to machines. Moisture/water vapor is another type of contaminant that can increase in quantity in lubricating oils. At TTI, we offer desiccant breathers designed to keep your equipment protected from harmful moisture and other contaminants.

Water molecules can cause a wide range of problems to equipment over time, so it’s important for maintenance personnel working to protect industrial equipment from moisture in order to curtail damage from occurring to gearboxes, turbines, or hydraulic systems. It is not always easy to keep out moisture, but doing so can help reduce the frequency of downtime, and reduce labor costs and other costs resulting from the replacement of oil and damaged components.

Desiccant breathers are a cost-efficient method of solving these moisture and contamination issues and minimizing equipment failures.

How a Desiccant Breather Works to Prolong Equipment Life

Desiccant breathers contain a container of silica gel desiccant that attracts and retains water. This combined with filter media, such as a micro-glass, enables the capture of the water and contaminants before they enter the system of the machinery and cause damage.

As the fluid undergoes thermal contraction and expansion as a result of pressure changes and because of level changes due to the reservoir filling and emptying, the desiccant breather with its components mentioned above prevents the entrance of moisture and particulate contaminants from entering the fluid reservoir or storage tanks.

Contamination from dirt and the negative effects of ever-present severe dust can be extremely detrimental. As air travels through the filter, it should capture all abrasive particles as small as the filter efficiency rating indicates – as small as less than 1 micron. The moisture is also captured as the air travels through the silica gel mentioned previously.

By capturing the oil mist, desiccant breathers significantly reduce the level of pollution produced in the working environment. With added vent holes in a breather allowing diverse patterns of airflow, the desiccant’s drying capabilities can be enhanced.

Whether you’re in dusty conditions or a humid work environment, TTI’s wide range of products can increase the service life of all types of equipment. The maintenance costs associated with the contamination of lubricants are immeasurable.


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