Image of tire manufacturing process. Two tires moving through pressing process. Title Banner: "U. S. Based Tire Manufacturer Tests TTI's PowerGuard Element Head-to-Head with the Competition and Makes the Switch; Saving Time and Money." Sub-Image of TTI PowerGuard Elements and brand logo.

U.S. Based Tire Manufacturer Tests TTI’s PowerGuard™️ Element Head-to-Head with the Competition and Makes the Switch; Saving Time and Money

In early 2022, TTI was given the opportunity to talk with maintenance professionals at a tire manufacturing plant in the southern part of the United States. Though the maintenance professionals seemed content with their current filter element and desiccant breather supplier, they had a few complaints centered around lead times, specifically with their filter elements inside their vacuum dehydrator. They had to wait over six weeks for their filter elements to ship from their supplier at that time, potentially disrupting maintenance schedules. With this opportunity, TTI asked if the the tire manufacturer would be interested in evaluating one of our filter elements in place of the competition, keeping in mind that our lead times are ten days or less, and they agreed.

Image of TTI's TT107 Filter Element. Hydraulic filter element, lubrication filter element.
TTI TT107 Filter Element

TTI TT107-36-IRV PowerGuard™️ Element

With a TT107-36-IRV PowerGuard™️ filter element in hand, the maintenance professionals were ready to conduct their testing to ensure TTI’s filter element met their expectations. Their method included using a portable oil analysis machine installed on a vacuum dehydrator to report ISO fluid cleanliness codes and other data points such as viscosity, temperature, and moisture. The maintenance team selected two identical, equally contaminated systems for head-to-head evaluation on the same maintenance schedule. First, they installed a new competitor filter element into their vacuum dehydrator. They ran it until they removed the necessary amount of dissolved water, monitoring particle counts during the process and live printing test results as reported. The next day, the maintenance team drained the vacuum dehydrator and installed the TTI filter element. The machine was then moved to the next system, repeating the same procedure the day prior.

Testing showed that the competitor filter element had cleaned the oil to an ISO cleanliness code of 20/15/09. In contrast, TTI’s filter element in the same time frame resulted in an ISO code of 12/05/00. This difference is an improvement of 99.5% or better in particulate capture in the 4µm, 6µm, and 14µm ISO cleanliness codes than the competitors filter element. These results distinguish the media technologies used in both filter elements. TTI’s Dual Phase Microglass media has a built-in pre-filter layer that reduces pressure drop while increasing dirt-holding capacity without compromising efficiency. You too, can expect results like these.

With the testing concluded, the tire manufacturer readily switched to TTI’s filter elements for use inside their vacuum dehydrators. Within the first month, the tire manufacturer reported that the TTI element had cleaned their system up in a third of the time of the competitors filter element while maintaining better-than-required ISO cleanliness codes for their hydraulic system. Thoroughly impressed with the results, the tire manufacturer’s maintenance professionals decided to also install TT107-36-6V filter elements on their bank of duplex housings which clean a six-thousand-gallon reservoir that feeds many hydraulic presses.

The switch to TTI saved this tire manufacturer money, extended their uptime, and increased their revenue since they don’t have to waste time replacing filter elements nearly as often while keeping their system cleaner and more productive. TTI continues to bring value to this tire manufacturer.

If you, or your customers, are looking to upgrade your filter elements, then TTI would like the opportunity for you to put our products to the test against your current manufacturer. Then you can see for yourself why it’s time to make the switch to TTI, today!