The Problem

At a multi-national oil and gas provider, maintenance professionals were facing dramatically short service life of their desiccant breathers utilized on their hydraulic tanks, lube oil tanks, and gearboxes throughout their entire fleet of mobile equipment. This shortened service life was caused by oil mist coming back up through the breather, saturating the desiccant beads and plugging off the path of air circulation, rendering some breathers completely useless after just two weeks. Frustrated with unexpected downtime and rising maintenance costs, maintenance professionals reached out to a trusted TTI distributor for help, and after a short call with TTI’s Director of Sales, Derek Kula, a plan of attack was created and solutions in the form of TTI’s Titan SmartFlowTM PowerBreatherTM were shipped and on their way to the customer for trial.

TTI Titan SmartFlowTM PowerBreatherTM

The Solution

Chosen for it’s superior airflow control and intentional breather protecting design, the TTI Titan SmartFlowTM PowerBreatherTM, pairs the best desiccants available anywhere with TTI’s Dual-Phase Micro Glass, 1-micron filtration media, an oil mitigating center post, and the TTI SmartFlowTM adapter, an innovative and purpose driven designed accessory that only handles system exhalation, allowing the Titan SmartFlowTM PowerBreatherTM to handle all of the inhalation to the system, ensuring clean dry air, every time.

The Result

After just one month, the customer was elated to report excellent service life, and at the three month mark, they were able to report with certainty that they were experiencing double the service life and a notable decrease in the maintenance costs associated, all thanks to their decision to make the switch to TTI.

Before working with TTI, this multi-national oil and gas provider had been spending approximately $300,000 on the purchase and $100,000 annually on the continued maintenance of the other guy’s breathers. After making their transition to TTI though, annual breather use dropped by over 60%, creating a cost savings of $214,000 on purchases and $80,000 in continued maintenance in just the first year. When we take that savings and look to year two, and every year after, we see a continued savings of $315,000 per year. That is over $3-million-dollars in savings over the next decade, all because of one good decision, making the change to TTI’s Titan SmartFlowTM PowerBreatherTM.